7OYS helps local man get refund for defective laptop from Costco


Philip Go enjoys watching video on his laptop and also uses it to do work.

But right when he's in the middle of all that, his screen becomes unviewable.

"At any time, it just popped up suddenly. Just went to distortion, a distorted screen," Go said.

Go bought his laptop from Costco and had the warehouse club's two year concierge service warranty.

Each time he called Costco's service department he would be told how to reset it, turn it off and turn it back on.

"It works, yes. It takes about 45 minutes," Go said.

The picture would come back on, but almost as quickly it would go away.

The more time that elapsed, the worst the problem got.

"It just keeps happening every day, almost every day, every two to three hours I had to reset it," Go said.

So he called again.

"Every time exactly. And I have to wait and they say its working and I said perfect. Let's see how long and it happens again," Go said.

This went on for 14 months. He admits it became a challenge for him.

"Because I'm very curious. I like to solve problems. And this is the first time this has ever happened to me," Go said.

Finally Go convinced Costco to let him send in the laptop to be fixed.

He did that twice. Each time Costco said it could find no problems.

"There is something wrong with this because if there's nothing wrong, then how come I'm having this problem," Go said.

He called 7 On Your Side, so we contacted Costco and Costco agreed to give him a full refund.

"I'm very satisfied because although I like to find out what's wrong, but obviously I won't get an answer now," Go said.

Costco says it has a policy of not commenting on returns and had no comment.

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