Caltrain up and running after computer glitch

Caltrain says it's still experiencing significant delays systemwide. We've seen several trains roll through here in Mountain View. But that's just clearing up the bottleneck that was created from Wednesday power outage at the San Jose dispatching center at about 8:25 a.m.

Caltrain officials say the system did switch to an emergency generator. But the computerized dispatching system did not come back online. That stopped the trains for about an hour.

People were left waiting on crowded platforms hoping for a train to arrive as soon as possible.

"I didn't see the heads up on my phone so I'm kind of bummed I didn't plan for it earlier than that," Caltrain passenger Angeline Capati said.

The dispatching system was back up and running at about 9:20 a.m.

All trains made local stops in an effort to clear out the delays, which meant no express trains.

One of Amtrak's capitol corridor trains was delayed about 45 minutes due to the signal problems. But no other delays are expected Wednesday.

So why did the electricity go out? PG&E is blaming a squirrel coming in contact with a power line for an outage that knocked out power to about 1,100 customers.

No definitive word on if that's connected to the Caltrain outage but the dispatching center is located in that same area.

Here's some good news though. Caltrain says they expect to restore service normally at about noon.

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