Campos, Google hold Internet safety event at San Jose middle school

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"Actually I graduated from this school, so I was here a long time ago." Nora Campos said.

She's the speaker pro Tem of the California state Assembly. But on Friday, Nora Campos addressed a different kind of assembly.

After asking a room full of eighth graders at Fisher Middle School if they use Google, Campos introduced two Googlers named Kevin and Evan with the company's new online safety roadshow.

"What you share and who you share it with could end up really saying a lot about you," Kevin said.

In plain English they talked about online risks, and how to avoid them.

"We played a lot of games to help them really understand it," said Google spokesperson Jamie Hill. "We like to think of it as the nutritious and the delicious."

There was a password face-off, tips to avoid phishing, and a lesson about going viral.

"Just imagine if the picture or the video that's going viral was something potentially embarrassing or damaging to you," Evan said.

The presentation comes at a time when more kids than ever before are getting online younger than ever before. To them, they don't access the Internet on a computer they go online on a phone.

"I'd say about 90 percent of these kids have smartphones," said Fisher Middle School Principal Howard Greenfield said. "I bet you it starts before they even get to us in sixth grade."

That means it's never too soon to teach a good habit.

"Think of it as like a tattoo," Kevin said. "When you share something online, it's really difficult to make it go away."

They hope their lessons will go viral.

"What you learn today, pass it on," Campos said. "Teach others."

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