Officer-involved shooting reported at Bernal Heights Park


Bernal Heights Park is on a steep hill that's popular for its hiking trails where people can walk their dogs off leash. But Friday night, something happened up on the hill and the police are giving very few details. Police say the body of a man was lying with a gun next to him.

Shortly after 7 p.m. someone called 911 and reported a man on the trail armed with a gun. Police say he was not threatening anybody, but he had his gun out when they encountered him. Witnesses, who were downhill, watching the action, say they heard police shout, "Put the gun down. Put the gun down," followed by several shots.

This is all very shocking to the people who live and hike up here.

"This is a relatively quiet area of the city. It's unusual. It's not something that comes to mind as being an area that's a problem to the Ingleside District," said San Francisco Police Dep. Chief Lyn Tomioka.

We do know that more than one officer shot the man, but police are not saying who this man is, how many shots were fired, or whether or not the man fired at the police.

Early next week, Police Chief Greg Suhr will hold a town hall meeting early next week to explain exactly what happened.

Anyone with information on this incident should call the police at 415-553-1444.

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