Anaheim police dog shot in the line of duty to retire once he recovers


The 7-year-old German shepherd named Bruno is recovering nicely at an animal hospital after being shot in the face by a shooting suspect last week.

The dog reunited with his partner and best friend, Officer RJ Young, for the first time on Thursday.

As Bruno started to softly whine, Young said, "That's just him telling me -- when are we leaving, let's get out of here."

Young added, "The bond is unexplainable. You know, seeing him the way he is, it kills me."

The bullet shattered Bruno's jaw and he lost part of his lung. That's where it remains. It can't be removed because of the trauma of the surgery.

Officer Young says the shooting was a horrific thing to see, his entire world came crumbling down in the matter of a second.

Young plans to adopt Bruno when he officially retires.

Funds are being raised to help defray his medical costs.

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