Dublin High School gym tested for mold

DUBLIN, Calif.

Dublin High School is on the home stretch of $100 million in upgrades, remodeling and new construction. But, a snag occurred as work began on renovations to the old gym. Water damage was discovered from a leaky roof and that raised concerns about mold.

District Superintendent Dr. Steve Hanke says the presence of mold awaits confirmation of an air sampling test.

"We don't know that. Out of an abundance of caution, we determined through talking with an environmental hygienist that we should close the gym and have it tested," he said.

They refer to it as the old gym because a new gym was built several years ago. The old gym is used for freshman and sophomore physical education and for basketball and cheerleading practice.

"If indeed there is an issue, we will take immediate remediation action. Which could include the closing of the gym for the rest of the year and providing alternative physical education facilities for students or alternative physical education activities," said Hanke.

Students and their families have been notified of the gym leak and mold test.

A mold remediation service in Dublin says it's not difficult to address the problem once confirmed. Specialized equipment is then used to filter mold from the air.

"You control it with negative pressure, meaning that you have air scrubbers and their big hepa filters. Then, you do removal. And, that way you remove all the things that are affected by the mold as far as dry wall," said Andrew Rafferty of A Better Restoration Mold Remediation.

If mold is confirmed, the clean-up will be done during the summer when students are off-campus.

Results of the mold test are expected early next week. The school district doesn't expect any delays to the old gym remodeling project should mold remediation be necessary.

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