Oakland DPW blames BART for stop sign misspelling

'SOTP' painted on the roadway at MLK and Arlington Avenue in Oakland, California.

April 14, 2014 5:59:48 PM PDT
Oakland officials are a little red in the face over a stop sign.

It's on Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Arlington Avenue.

The word "STOP" on the street was misspelled. The "T" and the "O" were swapped.

On Monday, Oakland's Department of Public Works told ABC7 News that it wasn't their fault.

It seems BART was working on the tracks and a contractor it hired made the mistake.

Whoever is to blame, the sign is still not fixed.

Oakland Police Lt. Chris Bolton says it can be fixed if it's reported to seeclickfix.com, a website where citizens can report problems in the neighborhoods and see them get fixed.