Man hijacks SuperShuttle in San Francisco


San Francisco Police spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza said, "It's a very bizarre case first of all."

The action started in the 200 block of O'Farrell Street in San Francisco when the driver of a SuperShuttle, headed to San Francisco International Airport, got out to load a passenger's luggage. That's when another passenger jumped into the driver's seat and took off. The shuttle driver jumped onto the van.

"For about a block the driver of the shuttle van is on the side, trying to stop the suspect from continuing to drive before jumping off and calling 911," said Esparza.

It was around 4 a.m. when the van drove away with four surprised passengers in the back.

"And somewhere in the area of New Montgomery Street, the passengers were able to overcome the suspect somehow. I don't have too many details as far as what they did," said Esparza.

The passengers, all from out of town, hopped into cabs and went to the airport. No one was injured or robbed and police still don't know why the suspect did it.

SuperShuttle driver Arthur Benjamin told ABC7 News he's never seen or heard anything like that happening to a shuttle.

The shuttle was found abandoned in Alameda County. It turns out the suspect lied and told the shuttle driver he was one of the passengers on his pickup list. SuperShuttle drivers we spoke with were still verifying passengers verbally.

Benjamin said they look at the passengers and can read their faces, but you never really know.

Police say the suspect is still at large and will face carjacking and kidnapping charges if he's arrested.

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