SoCal couple reunited with wedding ring lost two years ago

GOLETA, Calif.

Greg Lindsay's ring slipped off his finger and fell in the Pacific Ocean while he was at the beach two years ago.

Recently, Jenn Birchim found the ring while she was walking along the water. At first she thought it was a bottle cap.

"I mean, I thought it was somewhere in the Pacific," Greg said. "There's no way I thought after losing it, there's no way it would come back on shore."

Jenn recounts thinking, "Oh my gosh it's a ring! And then I was looking at it and read the inscription and I was like, 'My Love, My Life, My Lobster?' And in my mind I was like, a lobster fisherman."

The line about lobsters is from an episode of the television show "Friends."

Jenn wanted to find the ring's owner, so she posted a picture of it on Facebook.

A coworker of Greg's wife saw it.

"She read everything that you had posted and I was like, 'that's my ring! It's my husband's ring!'" said Greg's wife, Sarah. "She showed it to me and sure enough, it was the ring."

It took just four days for Jenn to find the couple.

Greg says his faith in humanity has been restored.

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