Veteran rescues neighbor while heading to ceremony in his honor


Sgt. James Yates is a decorated Army reservist who completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yates was picking up his girlfriend and heading to a football game in his hometown of Grimes, Iowa, where he was going to be honored, when suddenly an 11-year-old boy ran to the house looking for help.

Turns out the boy's mother got trapped under her SUV when the jack collapsed.

"I had my kids out playing," she said. "And as soon as the car fell they heard me scream. I said, 'go find a neighbor, go find a neighbor. Somebody, anybody.'"

"Somebody knocked on the door and I answered it and he said 'my mom needs help,'" Yates said. I told her, 'keep calm I'm going to call an ambulance.'"

Yates was able to crank the jack and free the woman, who wasn't seriously hurt.

He was still on time for his event at the football game honoring Purple Heart recipients.

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