Pleasanton students approached by predator on Instagram


The superintendent doesn't want to say how many kids were asked, or if anyone sent in pictures -- to try and protect the students.

"A couple of students did come and report and that they knew of students who might have and we have contacted parents already," said Pleasanton Unified School District Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi.

Parents we spoke with say their kids do have Instagram accounts, but they feel confident they wouldn't respond to a stranger.

"She's pretty good I trust her. I guess it depends on the child parent relationship too," said Shilpa Samai, parent.

The superintendent says that's good, we should trust kids and equip them with tools they need to navigate social media. But she says talking to them about internet safety is not a onetime deal.

"Things change so rapidly today you could say something about a specific social media outlet and tomorrow it could change. It's just another opportunity to say in case this happens to you – you might want to do this," said Ahmadi.

The school district is working with police to find the person responsible for the messages.

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