33 cars, 2 home windows smashed by vandals


There are a lot of angry residents in Antioch, especially those who couldn't get their windows replaced on Friday. It was raining pretty heavily, so some cars were getting wet inside, and then there was all of the broken glass they had to clean up.

Many Antioch residents were sweeping up outside after at least 33 cars and two home windows were smashed out sometime in the early morning.

"I drove up and down the street to find out who else and I saw at least five cars were broken," said William Uy, a vandalism victim.

It happened in the southeast part of Antioch where police say the vandals used large river rocks to break windows, but some residents think they used a number of objects.

Vandalism victim Curtis Scott thought some of it was done with a bat. He said, "Yeah, you can see the line. There's the head of the bat and the line goes down."

There were several similar broken windows. Scott's insurance deductible is $500, which means he's paying for a new $190 windshield out of his own pocket.

A windshield repair crew says it replaced six windshields on Friday. Police don't have any suspect descriptions, but this witness says she saw and heard it happen.

The witness told ABC7 News, "At 2 a.m. this morning I heard three loud bangs and I saw the car next to the truck and I heard somebody say to hurry up and get in the car, and they drove off." She also got a vehicle description. "A dark gray, four-door either Honda or Toyota."

Police are now asking homeowners to check their surveillance cameras to see if they caught the suspects on video.

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