Traveling businessman helps rescue 2 crash victims


Idaho native Wayne Rancourt had just landed at Oakland International Airport and was riding the shuttle to BART when he spotted an overturned car near Hegenberger Road.

When the shuttle pulled over, Rancourt and other passengers jumped out to help the 95-year-old driver and his 75-year-old passenger.

The driver was badly cut, so Rancourt took off his shirt and used it to stop the bleeding. Paramedics arrived and took the victims to the hospital. We spoke to Rancourt by Skype from his Boise home.

"To think that these guys made it ok, got the hospital and were getting treatment and were going to be OK, that...that, I got to tell you, it made my was probably the best thing I accomplished yesterday," said Rancourt.

Afterward, he finally got on BART to San Francisco and stopped to buy a new dress shirt before heading to his business meeting.

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