Lexus of Concord workers sue over pay, racial slurs


The lawsuit against Lexus of Concord was filed by salespeople and managers. One alarming claim is abuse by a sales manager named Patrick Miliano.

"Patrick would call me to his office on a daily basis and he would tell me that his job was to torture me," said former employee Amanda Bo Denton.

The inappropriate language she and other employees say Miliano used was aimed at employees and customers.

"The "N" word against African Americans, they would call women the "B" word and "C" word," said attorney Charles Bonner.

Former finance director Kamal Dayekh says he was fired for trying to blow the whistle on a scheme to cheat employees out of sales bonuses.

"The salesman gets 225 cash," he said. "Pays tax on 1,225 dollars, and Patrick basically keeps the money in his pocket."

Dayekh says he was threatened by Miliano after he sent an email to other managers.

"That's when Patrick came back, found out the email was sent, so he came into my office, threatened me that he was going to kill me, he was going to kill my family" said Dayekh.

When I paid the dealership a visit they referred me to the general manager who had already left for the day.

They did say the sales manager who is accused of inappropriate behavior in this complaint no longer works there.

The general manager, Greg James, is also accused in the suit. Employees say he did nothing to stop Miliano.

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