Police searching for Interstate 580 fatal shooting suspect


The investigation shut down all eastbound lanes of Interste 580 before Regatta Boulevard backing up traffic for miles. All of the lanes reopened at 5 p.m.

Witnesses say the blue Ford SUV rolled over multiple times before hitting the center divide.

Richmond police say the male driver lost control after being shot by someone in another car while going east on Interstate 580 in Richmond.

Police identified the victim as Deonta Broussard, 31, from San Francisco.

People who live along the freeway heard the gunshots and the crash.

"It was five gunshots. It was pop, pop, pop. I ducked. I grabbed my jacket and ran outside because I thought one of our brothers got shot and then I heard this screech and the car crash and we came and ran up here. You can see the man over there dead in the car with a gunshot wound. It's just sad," Witness Imunique Harris said.

It's unclear if the driver died from the gunshot or the impact of the crash.

As for the shooter, Richmond police have no information on a suspect or his car and at this point have no idea if this was road rage or something else.

"The detectives are still sorting out the information, still going through the vehicle, and again trying to determine a motive or if the victim had any enemies or anybody that might wanted to shoot him," Richmond Police Department Lt. Andre Hill said.

Richmond police are hoping witnesses will come forward.

They say someone should have seen something considering it was a relatively busy time of day.

Richmond residents say thank goodness no one else was hurt.

"It's sad. I mean I don't know the situation was, but innocent people ride on the freeway. There could have been a stray bullet that could have hit one of them," Richmond resident Latanga Stinson said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Richmond police.

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