Home burglary suspect terrorizes elderly couple in Sunnyvale


The woman and her husband are so traumatized they don't feel safe anymore.

Sunnyvale police quickly swarmed a quiet neighborhood looking for a man accused of breaking into their home.

The resident says she first realized something was wrong when she heard her husband talking to someone in the other room.

"There was this man waiving a gun at him and shoving him into the wall and when he saw me, then he would not let us be together in the same room after that," Dorothy Brunaer said.

Brunaer says she's mostly upset about how violent the man was.

"To see him push my poor old husband around, he's 92 years old and he ripped the watch off his arm. He took all my rings, my engagement ring my wedding rings," she said.

Her husband was not injured. They left for most of the afternoon because she was worried about being home after the break in.

When we checked in on her again she said the police had arrested someone, but she didn't recognize that person.

She told ABC7 News she would recognize the armed robber because he was sitting on her patio chair.

"I thought he was delivering a package because I am expecting some and when I opened the door, he had this attitude like what took you so long?" Brunaer said.

She shooed him off her front patio and was shocked to see him again inside her home.

She'll be changing the locks and installing a home alarm system as soon as possible.

Police are hoping anyone who knows anything about this crime will call and help them make an arrest.

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