Sunset neighbors upset over malicious meatballs


The meatballs were found on Monday in the plants at Ortega Street and 24th Avenue. That's not far from where other tainted meatballs were found months ago. No one was ever caught and police are not yet tying the cases together yet, but they need tips from the public.

"It was just sitting on a plate and on top of the bushes over there and I'm like, 'Oh, that's weird,'" said San Francisco resident Shura Kelly.

Kelly made the bizarre discovery at this corner near the Sunset Reservoir. She found a paper plate filled with some coins and large meatballs.

"It was just creepy and weird. I mean, there's obviously pills in there," said Kelly.

The meatballs had been stuffed with large pills. Kelly called 911 and crime scene investigators collected the plate as evidence.

Kelly works as a dog trainer in the neighborhood and says she's filled with "absolute disgust. There's tons of dogs across the street. There's tons of kids across the street. My neighbor teaches piano to little children. I mean, anybody could have grabbed that."

Police don't know yet if the discovery is connected to other tainted meatballs found around Twin Peaks earlier this year. Others were found in the Outer Richmond District. Last year, a dog died after eating poisoned meatballs found on Twin Peaks.

Meantime, neighbors are using social media to get the word out about the scary discovery.

"Somebody really hates dogs and I don't know, is some kind of sicko," said San Francisco resident Seth Mausner.

"I am just sick, really, really sick about it. I don't understand somebody who could be so cruel. I'm really, really upset about it. I almost came home from work early when I heard about it," said dog owner Jennifer Ciccotelli.

The police investigation continues.

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