Arson investigation underway after 6 fires set in Antioch

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Contra Costa County investigators say they're looking for an arsonist in Antioch. Six structures burned last night. They broke out at two separate locations. Three abandoned homes and two out-buildings caught fire on west Madill Street. A commercial building on A Street near Park Lane also burned.

"I am outraged, this is the third time this building has been set on fire," said Rob Strickland, fire victim.

Strickland couldn't believe it when he heard this building was on fire again overnight in Antioch. The cremation services company already had to move locations because of previous fire damage, but there was hope of maybe rebuilding; not anymore. This one was big enough to destroy the place. But this wasn't the first stop for firefighters; they were half a mile away dealing with another fire on Madill Street when the call came in to go to A Street.

"All told we have three residential structures here, one on Madill Street in Antioch, two out buildings that are associated with this address and then a commercial structure on A Street a few blocks away," said Robert Marshall, Contra Costa Co. Fire Marshal.

Firefighters say this many fires this close together at around the same time doesn't look like an accident.

"Fire investigators are looking into the causes of the fires, but at this point we do believe the fires are likely set fires -- so we are investigating them as arsons," said Marshall.

Strickland is frustrated that so many fires have happened in Antioch and no one has been arrested.

"There have been numerous fires here in Antioch and they just keep going and nobody is doing anything about it to stop it," said Strickland.

The fire marshal says they are aggressively investigating the fires. At this point officials do not have a suspect or motive and no arrests have been made.
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