Art in Bloom

ByAnthony Miracola and Christian Todd Localish logo
Monday, June 21, 2021
You've Never Seen Art Like This
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Watch this art museum be brought to life with this living exhibit!

Raleigh, NC -- "For many, they feel intimidated about art because they think they need to have an education... or that it is for the elite," says Onay Gutierrez, a florist and first-time Art in Bloom participant. "Art itself is for everybody."

Art in Bloom is a tangible example of how the North Carolina Museum of Art is engaging the public with its collection. A pursuit rooted in the foundation of the gallery, as the NCMA was the first major art museum in the United States to be funded by the state.

For seven years, the event has asked local florists to come interpret art at the gallery through their floral presentations. Bringing together floral designers of all backgrounds to the 164-acre NCMA campus, Art in Bloom hopes to invite people into the museum who would otherwise stay at home.

But it's about more than just these blossoming flowers, as Mr. Gutierrez explains, "Flowers have a short lifespan but we are hoping the memories of the arrangements will live for a longer period of time."

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