Asbestos keeps some Santa Rosa fire victims away from belongings

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- It may be days before fire victims in a Santa Rosa mobile home park will be able to access their belongings as EPA officials investigates danger from asbestos at the park.

What was Jouney's End mobile home park in Santa Rosa is now a mangled mess of burned out debris in which EPA inspectors have found asbestos, likely present in siding from the trailers. "Right now, we've identified 25 locations that could contain asbestos material, but until we get results back we don't know for sure," EPA on-scene coordinator Tom Dunkleman said.

The park was red tagged by the city on Friday, which means those who lost their homes are now banned from scouring the ashes for precious Mementos.

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Gloria Neduchal wanted to salvage some beloved Christmas ornaments. "I'm just having a hard time with the whole fire thing. It's really upsetting me," she said.
Officials say 140 of the 160 units were gutted in the Tubbs Fire and several residents lost their lives. Last Sunday, EPA and FEMA officials met with displaced residents, many of them in total despair.

FEMA officials said they have manufactured housing standing by, but nowhere to put it just yet.

EPA officials said they expect to get test results on Wednesday. If there is no asbestos then residents can go back in, but if there is asbestos they'll have to come up with a cleanup plan.

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