7 On Your Side helps Fairfield mom who had money swiped by ATM

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- Imagine getting ready to go Christmas shopping and all your money disappears. That happened at a bank to a local mom.

Fairfield's Michelle Caldwell was going out holiday shopping this past weekend when her money was swiped by an ATM.

Here is the message she left on my Facebook page. "It was literally all the money I had for Christmas," she wrote, "I have no money"

The ATM is located at a USBank branch in Fairfield.

Michelle told me, "Their ATM malfunctioned. It printed out a receipt saying they couldn't give me my money back and they couldn't put it in my account and I would have to call a 1-800 number."

She went on, "I called the 1-800 number and they told me I had to file a claim and it would be 10 days before I got my money back. I said Christmas is in eight days. I have four kids I am providing for. I am a single mom. That is all my money. I need my money."

Michelle went to the local bank branch, made phone calls, and went to my Facebook page, too.

After seeing her note, we talked with Michelle, then the bank and the next day the money arrived.

So I asked Michelle, "Christmas will be OK?" and she told me, "Christmas will be fine."

As for the bank, the local manager told me he is not authorized to talk and in the last email I saw, USBank wasn't comfortable talking about the incident because of privacy issues.

I want to thank the bank for moving so fast. That is the holiday spirit in action.

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