Millbrae driver says Tesla Model 3 was in Autopilot when it crashed in Greece

GREECE (KGO) -- You You Xue was on a mission to spread the word about his love for his Tesla Model 3. He even started a dedicated Facebook page where documented his travels of 39 thousand kilometers, through 25 countries, in six months.

But it all abruptly came to an end Friday in Greece while the car was in Autopilot mode.

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I spoke with You You via Skype where he said, "I felt the car veering severely to the right with such force that quite frankly I was startled almost frozen."

The car crashed into barriers at an exit Xue never planned to take.

These are photos of the damage.

Xue blames Tesla's Autopilot system and said, "The software, as I learned the hard way, is very capable of swerving the car which I think is abnormal."

In a statement, Tesla fired back, insisting the company isn't to blame since it isn't even available in much of Europe yet so, therefore, has. "no connectivity or service available for vehicles there."

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"Tesla has always been clear that the driver must remain responsible for the car at all times when using Autopilot, Said, Tim Higgins a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and a Tesla Expert. "In theory, it should have been able to operate in Greece."

Still, he does think drivers mistake Autopilot with a self -driving mode.

He said, "Autopilot is not something where you can get in the car and say take me home. I'm gonna take a nap."

Xue does admit he had just one hand on the wheel and was momentarily looking at his phone at the time of the crash.

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