Whataburger-themed baby photo goes viral

DALLAS, TX -- A woman craving Whataburger hundreds of miles away during her pregnancy made for a hilarious baby photo shoot idea. Now, the image has gone viral.

Megan Riddle was living in Des Moines, Iowa when she got pregnant. Soon, that pregnancy led to a craving for Whataburger, the Des Moines Register reports.

Trouble is, the nearest Whataburger was 450 miles away in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her husband, wanting to help, drove her to that Whataburger in Tulsa and then all the way back home to Iowa.

Shortly before the baby was born, the couple moved to Dallas where there are plenty of Whataburger restaurants. Then they got an idea for a baby photo shoot.

"This was the strangest request I've ever had for a shoot but this dad knew what he wanted and by golly...he wasn't kidding," Allie Rae Photography wrote on its Facebook page.

That idea? Make a Whatababy! The photographer swaddled the newborn child in special yellow paper that resembled Whataburger's taquito wrappers, arranged table placard numbers with 12-12-14 on them, the baby's birth date, added some picante sauce containers and put the sleeping infant on an orange tray. Voila, the couple had a photo that quickly went viral.

"The story about him driving so far just for his wife's cravings makes the picture so much more than a silly Whataburger photo," Allie Rae said. "It's a reminder that he will go the distance to make her happy. It was one of my favorite photos I had ever done!"

The twitter hashtag? What else? #Whatababy! And whataphoto it is.

Photo used with permission.

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