Hurricane Dorian disrupts Bay Area travel plans

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Dorian may be 3,000 miles away, but its impact is being felt by plenty of people in the Bay Area. From weddings to vacations-- Dorian foiled some of the best-laid plans made by Bay Area residents on this Labor Day weekend.

"We were planning this wedding for six months and everything was fine up until we landed on Thursday."

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That's when Amish Malaviya says he and his new wife, Avisha Patel, who live in Hayward together, found out that Hurricane Dorian was crashing their Orlando wedding.

"I was pretty stressed out because we initially thought we would have to cancel the whole event," said Malaviya.

But the wedding went on, minus about 50 guests, who left Florida in a panic.

"Someone drove to North Carolina, my cousin took off right before the wedding," explained Malaviya, who says their wedding guests were worried they would get stuck in Florida.

But Patel, who grew up experiencing hurricanes in Georgia, made sure her groom weathered the storm.

"This is his first hurricane, so he was panicking and I was just calm."

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Nearby at Disney World, Dorian was making it rain-- which actually had its perks for Craig Stavang and his girlfriend, who were visiting from San Jose.

"No lines at Disney World. We got onto everything in like 10 minutes. It was great," exclaimed Stavang.

Not as magical, was when they thought they'd have to hunker down in their hotel for a week with nothing but drug store snacks.

"We bought cereal, cheez-its, bread. Anything to get us through maybe a week because the way they were talking on the radio is that you're going to be stuck and you're going to be grounded. We called the airline four different times. No flights for anybody."

Kate Larsen: "Do you feel lucky to be back home?"

Craig Stavang: "Absolutely, I gotta go to work tomorrow!"

SFO officials say as of Monday night/Tuesday morning, 16 U.S. airports are closed, but most of those are small regional airports.

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The Ft Lauderdale and Orlando airports are the largest airports that are closed because of Dorian-- all flights in and out of the airports on Tuesday are cancelled at this time.

SFO officials advise checking with your airline if you're flying to the East Coast or have any weather-related concerns.
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