VIDEO: Watch these furry surfers 'hang ten' at Oakland Coliseum

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- We're in the dog days of summer and it makes you want to hit the beach for a little surfing. Or you can just hit the Coliseum, where the dogs are hanging 10.

But these surf dogs aren't just here for fun.

"There's a serious side to this," said Lucy Pet Foundation President Joey Herrick. "This is all about ... our mission, which is to stop pet overpopulation. Eighty thousand dogs and cats a week are put to sleep in the United States because there's too many. People don't spay or neuter their pets."

And it wasn't just the pups surfing on Friday. A surfing cat was out there shredding, too -- on the only portable surf machine in the world. It's in Lot A at the Coliseum as the A's host Bark at the Park on Friday night.

It's your chance to bring your dog to the ballpark.

Click here for more about Lucy Pet Foundation.

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