BART Board discusses how to stop fare evasion which is costing millions

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The BART Board of Directors is considering a plan to crack down on fare evaders.

Officials say they're losing millions every year because people are hopping the fare gates and slipping on to trains.

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BART staff wants to spend $800,000 for a seven-member team of inspectors to randomly check rider's tickets on trains and in paid areas of stations.

Some riders told ABC7 News they have mixed feelings on the idea.

"That's an excessive cost to keep that from happening but how else are you going to stop it?" said a passenger named Glen.

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"I believe they should go after the fare evaders. It's not fair that we should pay. That we're forced to pay and that they're not paying," said a BART rider named Joe.

BART says they're projecting a possible $35 million shortfall in the coming budget year.

They say cracking down on fare evaders would help the agency's bottom line.
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