BART increases parking fees at 4 stations

Starting today, it will cost you more to park at four BART stations. The parking fee is going up 50 cents at four stations.

The Millbrae station is now $3, parking fees at the Concord and the North Concord-Martinez stations are now $2, and the Coliseum Station in Oakland is a $1.50.

BART says its parking fees are evaluated every six months. If a lot at a station is full, the daily rate may go up by 50 cents. If it's less than 95 percent full, the fee may actually decrease by 50 cents. We're not hearing of any decreases at any stations. The increase starting today includes single day, monthly and airport-long-term reserved parking permit prices. Any change in fees will remain in effect for at least six months and then reevaluated.

BART fares are going up by 3.4 percent on January 1. Because of BART's inflation based fare increase program. That means you'll pay about 10 to 25 cents more for a one way trip. The money will help BART pay for new train cars, a train control system and a new maintenance facility.

BART says all the money raised will go to station improvements.
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