BART rider detained for eating on platform in Pleasant Hill files claim 

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- An attorney for a BART rider detained and arrested for eating a sandwich on the Pleasant Hill BART Station platform last week filed a claim on his client's behalf.

Attorney John Burris held a press conference on Thursday with his client Steve Foster.

Foster says he still can't believe what the video shows.

ORIGINAL REPORT: BART police handcuff, cite man for eating sandwich on platform
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"I was just up there eating my sandwich waiting for the train to come." Caught on camera, BART police handcuff and cite man for eating a sandwich on the platform of the Pleasant Hill BART station.

"I didn't expect that to happen at all," said Foster.

A BART police officer detained Foster last week for eating a sandwich on the platform of the Pleasant Hill BART station. Foster's girlfriend was with him.

"I told her to pull her phone out because I felt like something wasn't right," said Foster.

One of the officers grabbed at Foster's backpack.

"Before I could even say anything you could see he already had it in his mind that he wanted to put me in cuffs," said Foster.

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Another officer arrived and assisted with cuffing Foster. Foster says the officers called him names.
"I wasn't resisting at all and I had no kind of force to keep them from putting me in cuffs," said Foster.

Foster's attorney has now filed a claim against BART and the officers. He says the officers were engaged in a form of racial profiling and selective law enforcement.

"This is a case where a slight admonishment could have easily have occurred but yet it did not," said Attorney John Burris.

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Foster was cited and detained about an hour causing him to miss work.

BART's general manager apologized to Foster and BART riders in a public statement. He also said eating in the paid area is banned and that Foster had refused to provide identification, cursed at officers and made homophobic slurs.

A BART Spokesperson tells ABC7 News BART will not comment about a future lawsuit.

BART's independent police auditor is conducting an investigation, which will be paused if the district is served with a lawsuit.

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