Spare the Air extended through Saturday as poor air quality, hazy conditions continue in Bay Area

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Thursday, September 3, 2020
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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District recommends double-checking air quality this week when traveling to different Bay Area cities.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is extending the Spare the Air Alert through Saturday, setting a new record for consecutive alert days.

The poor air quality was on full display from San Francisco to San Jose Thursday morning as hazy conditions blanketed much of the Bay Area.

Air quality could continue to worsen as the region prepares for a one-two punch: Poor air quality from the massive wildfires burning to the north and south mixed with excessive heat for the Labor Day holiday weekend as forecasted by our ABC7 News meteorologist.

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A spokesman from the air quality district recommends double checking conditions before you leave your home as they may very between zip codes.

It's just really important that people keep track of their local conditions or if people are thinking about taking a trip to the beach or something then they should again just double check and see what the conditions are like there," said Aaron Richardson, district spokesman.

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Thursday morning in Fremont ABC7 saw runners hitting the trail along Lake Elizabeth before conditions worsen.

"Well I hope it improves, that's all I can say," said Valdet Demiri of Fremont, "I'm grateful for the pockets of time when it's moderate to good, so take advantage of that."

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With the spare the air alert extended through Saturday, air quality experts are warning us to get used to these uncertain conditions.

"Unfortunately this seems to be a new normal to have this big wildfire seasons and is an indication of climate change impacting the Bay Area," said Richardson.

The current stretch of unhealthy air quality surpasses the previous 14-day record set during the 2018 Camp Fires.

As temperatures creep up over the holiday weekend cooling centers will be open across the Bay Area for people looking for relief.

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