PG&E warns of potential power outages during Bay Area heat wave

Air conditioners will be pumping today, but with the extreme weather comes the possibility of power outages.

As the sun came out this morning, some people got their outside activities done early, knowing very well that temperatures would soar over 100.

"During the rest of the day we're going to stay in the house and be comfortable and be smart, drink water," said Marilyn Wright, Newark.

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With so many people planning to stay cool indoors with air conditioning, PG&E says an all-time record may be set for electricity use.

"This is certainly going to be the most extreme heat wave we have seen this summer, certainly these are record breaking temperatures, so it's something we're really trying to prepare for," said Tamar Sarkissian, PG&E spokesperson.

PG&E has emergency command posts set up in different regions. They also have crews picking up transformers, cables, and power poles at their supply center. From there, they are deployed to areas vulnerable to outages.

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"The crews don't have to travel to get their material it will be right there when they need it," said Clint West, PG&E Superintendent.

PG&E has been work with its meteorology department tracking the heat. That technology helps them pinpoint where crews should be.

"We're anticipating we may seeing outages in Concord, Livermore, Antioch possibly North Bay and San Jose area, so we're really going to focus on those areas," said Sarkissian.

Cal-ISO which runs the state's electric grid issued a Flex Alert and is asking people to conserve from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. today. To avoid outages, PG&E is asking people to not use large appliances until nighttime and to keep the thermostat at 78 degrees when home and 85 when away.

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An image showing what cities will be under excessive heat warning is seen on Thursday, August 31, 2017.


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