Weekend heat wave bakes Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Bay Area is broiling this weekend as scorching temperatures hit the triple digits. But if you love the heat, head east.

Fans were cheering on team Mexico as they took on Asia-Pacific at the Little League intermediate Division World Series being played at Max Baer Park in Livermore, where it felt as hot as a barbecue on Sunday.

"Yes it's hot, a lot hotter than we expected but that's ok, we can stand the heat," said Little League parent Jaime Klouser.

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Klouser says this weekend's mission is to play ball and keep cool. Misting stations have been set up near the baseball fields where folks can cool off.

"I'm holding up, the misting tent is what's keeping me cool today," said Tamara Alexander from Orange County.

Minutes later we found members from team Australia trying to cool down under the misting stations.

Reporter: "Did you expect this heat after you came all this way to play?"

Team Australia player: "We knew it would be hot but not this hot."

There was lots of Gatorade and water for the players and spectators. The series is scheduled to continue through the week.

By afternoon, temperatures reached 102 degrees in Downtown Livermore. Many folks were seeking relief by taking advantage of a downtown water feature called Lizzie Fountain Park.

"Anything above 85 degrees I need AC or a pool. I'm just keeping my daughter cool, she loves it here," said Livermore parent Elizabeth Pope.
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