Bay Area LIFE: Achieve your goals faster with the COR difference

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- If you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life, taking your performance to the next level, or returning from an injury, then check out COR. Their team of world-renowned experts provide elite level adult fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy to help you look, feel, move, and perform to the best of your abilities. We believe fitness should be both fun and challenging, while still being customized to your unique needs and goals.

Physical & Massage Therapy:

COR Physical Therapy takes a full body approach helping find solutions to many problems preventing many from doing what they love. Their full body integration helps discover the root cause of the injury and identify the source of treatment. This allows us to leave patients feeling better at each treatment. This is the ultimate goal, to make you better.
Personal Training:
Their personal training programs are designed to get you in the best shape of your life and take your fitness to the next level. They work with anyone looking to get the most out of their bodies. Clients love getting strong, learning new fitness skills, and having a blast in the gym. They'll help you set specific goals, reach new achievements, and challenge yourself each day.
Sports Performance:
Sports performance is a multifactorial equation requiring detailed evaluation and intervention. At COR, they strive for "making you better", no matter your sport. They are very methodical about their approach and unlike others, we're not going to give you a program just to workout hard. If you are looking simply for a workout, go run up a hill. They're looking to make you better, during each and every session. This is the process they've used with Olympic Gold Medalists.
Boot Camp:

At COR, "making you better" is their mission. The boot camps don't just make you look better, feel better, and provide a community. At each session, they ensure you get a great workout, but will have you leaving with a smile on your face as well. They realize fitness isn't a short-term objective, but a long-term solution. Therefore, having fun, working hard, and optimal programming help their clients improve steadily over time.

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3530 Lochinvar Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95051
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