Coronavirus Safety: Here's how East Bay police patrols are being affected by COVID-19 crisis

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Snitching on your neighbors' landscapers? Or the neighborhood kids playing basketball? It's happening in parts of the East Bay as people take the shelter in place orders to heart to protect the community.

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ABC7 News followed behind a police patrol route in Walnut Creek for a look at the "new normal. "
The officer and his canine 'Remus' answered several calls about landscapers doing nonessential work. But by the time the officer arrived on the scene they had disbursed.

A drive through Heather Farms Park showed people out for walks social distancing and people playing tennis at courts that were supposed to be shut down.

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The officer told them playing tennis was against the shelter-at-home orders and the players packed up and left. Police say they are maintaining high visibility.

"We are asking people reporting if they can come outside to meet officers outside their home. That way we can avoid in-person contact in confined spaces," said Capt. Jay Hill with Walnut Creek Police. "If they have to go in a house, we are asking officers to wear PPE, that is gloves masks and gowns if appropriate. This is a scary time for everyone, our officers included."

A handful of businesses in Walnut Creek have started boarding up. Shoplifting calls are nonexistent. Police say home burglaries are down as are car break-ins.

It seems people aren't leaving laptops and cell phones inside their vehicles right now.

Police have also had to request small personal gyms and yoga studios shut down and say they have gotten compliance.

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