Rain triggers landslide, problems on Bay Area roadways

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- As the next round of rain rolls in, Bay Area residents are preparing.

"I'm going up in the attic today to make sure my roof isn't leaking because we had a couple of heavy downpours. I heard what I thought was branches hitting my windows but I guess it was hail," said Andrea Sullivan of Millbrae.

"We did one of those French drains on the side of our house. We live up in the hills over there and there was a problem with water flowing down to our house flooding into the bottom level. So we dug a ditch so it is draining out to the street a little better. So I think we are ready," said Lucio Vera of San Bruno.

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There are concerns about the possible side effects, like a new landslide in San Bruno. About 30 feet of earth has crumbled to the ground into a canyon just north of San Bruno Avenue. Authorities are watching it and hoping to stabilize it for this winter and protect San Bruno Avenue and the sidewalk from being impacted. The city manager says they are working on a temporary fix for now and a permanent fix that needs to be designed and constructed after the rain stops.

No homes are threatened by the slide but residents say they still hate to see it happening.

"It's scary you know. We need the rain but it is scary. I was just thinking of the trees that are leaning over, little worried about that," said Kathy Wagner.

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Firefighters say rain was a factor this morning in a seven-vehicle crash on Northbound I-280 in San Jose. Three people were taken to the hospital.

But even as we deal with serious rain related issues, people are also focusing on the positive.

"I'm glad it's raining. I know we need it and I don't have to water," said Sullivan.

"I love it. I run on the trail all the time and for while because there was no rain it was looking really dry," said Vera.

A lane of San Bruno Avenue is closed as a precautionary measure because of the slide. The City Manager says they should know within a week whether they will be re-opening it.


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