February Forecast: Will rain return this month?

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Will we see any rain in the month of February? The short answer is, it's looking less and less likely.

The first 10 days we have not seen a single drop of rain. Storms continue to dodge us with the storm track well to our north.

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The reason being high pressure is anchored right off of our coastline. It deflects storms away from the Bay Area and is unlikely to move into next week.

In fact the National Weather Service tweeted Monday that the Arctic Oscillation hit a record value today.

Simply, whenever the Arctic Oscillation is in positive territory in the winter, warmer and drier weather is often forecast along the West Coast.

That value hit a record positive value today meaning it is unlikely we will see this pattern change to a stormier one in the near future.

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Rainfall deficits are running well over 6" for much of the Bay Area this storm season.

The Climate Prediction Center is betting our dry pattern will stay in place through the third week of February, forecasting below average rainfall through the 24th.

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