Giant sinkhole opens up in Santa Cruz Mountains after storm

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- A gaping sinkhole is opening up in the roadway in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Summit Road and Loma Prieta Avenue.

Some areas saw as much as 7" of rain from the recent storm and when everything is wet the roads are dangerous.

A part of Soquel San Jose Road didn't survive the storm after asphalt dropped down on to the hillside.

If a vehicle went off the road, it likely wouldn't stop until about 300 feet down at the Soquel Creek.

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This may be the worst damage on this stretch of road made popular because commuters can bypass Highway 17, but it's not the only damage.

Slides make you think twice about driving too fast. One edged into Soquel San Jose Road and another spilled over half the road.

Crews cleaned up what they could, clearing up a lane, But Santa Cruz County workers are going to stay busy for a while.

Drivers are advised to be prepared to stop around every turn in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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