Bay Area bustles with last minute shoppers and holiday travel

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area is bustling with people traveling for the Christmas holiday and people trying to do some last minute shopping.

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Retailers like Kohl's and Toys-R-Us are keeping select stores open 24 hours a day until Christmas Eve.
"I think that's awesome," said Richmon resident Rickia White. She noted that some people are saving up money for gifts right until the holiday. Retailers are ready to accommodate.

"That is a smart business move. Of course the longer you stay open the more money you're going to make," said David Hartfield III. He and White picked up pre-ordered toys for their two-year-old daughter at Toys-R-Us in Emeryville.

"What did the lines look like," ABC 7 News Reporter Katie Utehs asked 7-year-old shopper Ayana Fridkin.

She replied, "Um person, person, person, person, person, person, person... end of the line." She said there were too many people to count.

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"There's not as many people here at four, five in the morning so if you really really don't want to deal with the crowds than come see us at like three in the morning," said Alison Jones, Kohl's beauty advisor.

Jones says you can't beat an actual store this close to the holiday. "Online shopping is not an option anymore. It's not going to make it," she noted.
Bay Area roads are bustling with shoppers and people headed out of town.

"We left early a little early just to anticipate the traffic, but it wasn't really too bad. Not as bad as I anticipated," said Oakland resident Tamara Forte at Oakland International Airport.

Airports are experiencing some arrival delays, but departures out of Oakland International looked clear.

It's good news for eager young travelers. "I can't wait to see Grandma and Papa Ty-Ty," said Micah Forte. A sentiment shared by his older brother.

"I'm really excited to see my grandparents. I'm really excited to hang out with my family," said Marcellus Forte.

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