Storm topples trees, causes mudslides on the Peninsula

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- The downpour on the Peninsula came mostly overnight.

A light rain fell in the morning. Just light enough to make it fun for youngsters like Ellie and her little sister Julia.

"I can play in the puddles and when the wind blows my umbrella like flips around,"Ellie said.

"At my school, there's a very big puddle by a tree," Julia added.

The heavy overnight rains caused trees to tumble.

In Foster City, a huge eucalyptus came crashing down next to townhouses on Foster City Blvd. Fortunately, it fell away from the homes. The same thing happened at the Science and Technology Park on the 1300 block of Willow Road in Menlo Park.

A big old Pine fell in the parking lot. Amazingly, it missed the cars. Not far away in Atherton, a big tree branch took out a power pole. Its lines dangled precariously low. Crews responded immediately.

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There was minor flooding, mostly on streets that always seem to flood.

But none of this deterred the postal worker. Through rain, sleet, snow or hail, as the saying goes.

But there's one road that may have stopped deliveries. A section of Old La Honda Road up in the mountains just above Skyline Blvd. was closed.

Part of the narrow road had slid during a recent storm.

Last night's rain took out even more pavement.

Oldtimers seem to take all that in stride. Oldtimers like carpenter Jim Chalkley. "There are big trees here. So things are going to fall. Things are going to be like they are. But it's part of being up here."

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