Stormy weather causing travel troubles at SFO, across the country

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Weather across the country is affecting several airports, including SFO. At last report they experienced 15 flight cancellations and 66 delays.

Jason Schmidt is from Miami, Florida and works in San Francisco. His red eye back to the Bay Area was canceled due to high winds.

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"I was supposed to get back last night at 1 and I arrived just now. And I had to stay over in Dallas," Schmidt said. He was told it was weather.

"There was bad weather here, there was bad weather in New York. And the reason why we had to stop in Dallas wasn't because of weather here, it was because the plane couldn't make it because there was winds along the way," Schmidt said.

Bailey Martin is from the Bay Area and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon. Her flight was delayed Monday morning. "So my flight was supposed to be at 9 a.m. this morning but then I got here and it was delayed until 11:30... meaning I was going to miss my connection flight from Portland to Eugene so now I have to fly to Seattle and then Seattle to Eugene not until 2 p.m. today," Martin said.

Luckily, her brother was able to travel smoothly from SFO. "My brother, though, he took a red-eye last night from here to Kansas and his was totally fine... so I thought ohh, I should be OK. But I didn't expect this much of a delay," Martin said.

Airlines across the country say that 2.83 million people are expected to fly on Monday. A normal travel day has 2.4 million.

The travel woes didn't end with airports. The weather created a headache for many - from wind and rain in the Bay Area to snow in the Sierra.

It was wet and rainy on I-580 in Livermore Monday morning. Traffic was moving through OK, a relief for drivers who come out of the Sierra.

There was lots of snow for the return trip home for Thanksgiving travelers. Chains were required on I-80.

Drivers say it was a rough day.

There was a 20-mile backup of Thanksgiving travelers on I-15 out of Las Vegas toward California.

Now it's back to work time - time for re-entry in the rain in the Bay Area.

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