What you need to know about Diablo Winds and Bay Area wildfires

DIABLO, Calif. (KGO) -- October is known for its' warm, dry conditions that can set the stage for some of our worst wildfires all year. The Diablo Winds are what fuel these extreme weather forecasts in the Bay Area.

These winds begin hundreds of miles to our south, with an area of low pressure centered near San Diego. The large counter-clockwise flow around this system sends us winds out of the north and east in the Bay Area.

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These winds are coming from the direction of Mt. Diablo, thus the name "Diablo Winds". As these winds descend down our hills, they actually speed up and warm up, drying out the air around us. Gusts can frequently be between 40-70 mph.

The windy, warm, dry weather is perfect for fires to easily start and spread.
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