Exciting day for first-time Bay Area voters

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There's been a lot of talk about the youth vote this election cycle. Many young people are engaged online, but whether that translates to action at the polls remains to be seen. However, that's not stopping some from expressing their hope for the future.

Read on for more reaction from the South Bay.

"Everyone has something important to say and it's always important to hear people out. To not just listen to one side, but to listen to both sides, and that's something we should be doing a lot more of in today's political climate."
- Gerardo Vazquez, 17, San Jose resident

"You wait 18 years to be able to vote, and then you finally have a chance to kind of say your voice, and be a part of it."
- Dalton Hair, 18, San Jose State University student

"We're sort of seeing a lot more engagement across the board. Republican, Democrat, old, young, so I think overall we're going to see a large voter turnout."
- Garrick Percival, San Jose State University political science professor

"I had a great time really researching different propositions, and the different candidates. For me, that was the most fun."
- Luke Sullivan, 18, Campbell resident

"Whether it's social media, discussions in the classroom, there's definitely more of an awareness of what is going on, and hopefully the impact they can have in this process."
- Eric Buran, Campbell educator
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