Santa Cruz Mountains arson suspect appears to mouth threat to district attorney

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The man accused of starting a fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains appeared to mouth a threat towards the district attorney when he made an appearance in court Tuesday morning.

Investigators say he's responsible for the Bear Fire and they have witnesses who saw the arson happen.

The Bear Fire was destructive and dangerous, not only did it destroy homes, buildings and vehicles, but several firefighters were also injured.

Sheriff's investigators believe 54-year-old Marlon Coy set the fire in this area below Diane's Way near Boulder Creek, based on interviews with three people who saw it happen.

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Coy appeared to mouth the words "you're next" toward the district attorney during his hearing. The district attorney told ABC7 that they are looking into Coy's actions in court to determine if more charges should be filed.

Detectives say Coy was in a relationship with a woman where the fire originated. But there had been some sort of dispute.

He was arrested on October 17, the day after the fire started, not for arson, but because he allegedly stole jewelry from an evacuated home.

Coy faces four felony counts in connection to the fire and seven felonies for an alleged burglary and shooting.

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