Authorities search for suspect after teen shot, killed in Belmont

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- Muhammad Othman, 17, a varsity football player at Carlmont High School, was shot and killed outside Belmont's Central Elementary School on Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, the murder investigation found its way to a quiet neighborhood in Pleasanton.

"On the side of the house they had a police vehicle," Glen Whiteside, a landscaper in the neighborhood said. "They had soldiers in front of the house. They had a black SWAT vehicle. They had soldiers surrounding their vehicles with weapons pointed toward the house."

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"They used the loud-speaker to call the three suspects, or whoever, the neighbors out," Akash Patel, a neighbor, said.

A source confirmed to ABC7 News that the home was searched in connection to Othman's death and that there may be multiple suspects.

The search unfolded near Amber Lane and Blossom Court. Neighbors told ABC7 News the family living in the home was relatively new to the community and moved to the area from Belmont.

Patel said police have come by the house before.

"We've had a lot, sometimes cops come up to the house."

It didn't appear police found who or what they were looking for on Tuesday night. The whole incident stunned neighbors.

People in Belmont are rattled as well. Othman's football coach, Jake Messina, said he was a good kid.

"He was a pivotal piece helping us to win a league championship and go to section finals this year."

Belmont police do not think this was a random crime. ABC7 News tried to speak with the people inside the home that was searched, but they did not answer.

Othman's family member shared a post on social media expressing great sadness over his cousin's death.
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