UC Berkeley Campus Republicans clash with protesters

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- There were some minor confrontations Friday between some U.C. Berkeley students and students from the campus republican club. Hundreds of people quickly filled Sproul Plaza in an anti-Trump rally.

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Berkeley High School students marched to Cal in a show of solidarity with students already protesting the inauguration.

Friday's rally didn't have the intensity of other U.C. Berkeley demonstrations seen in previous years. Still, students seemed to show the same commitment toward helping multicultural groups.

"And most importantly, is to give them the strength and encouragement and support that is needed to go through the Trump years," said Berkeley Alumnus Kyle McCoy.

Some faculty also came to support students. Students repeated the words of President Trump at the protests. They were played over and over by the UC Berkeley College Republicans.

Its members said they wanted other students to know they are here. At one point, both sides exchanged words.

"They're unhappy with the outcome of the election, but here we are, Jan. 20 and we have a new president," said Berkeley College Republicans President Jose Diaz. "Let's move forward."

"All of my friends have been attacked by his comments about women, about Muslim Americans, about immigrants," said UC Berkeley student Danielle Furman. "And it's disgusting to me that this hatred is allowed to be so open and I'm not going to allow it to happen."

Students left the campus to march down Telegraph Avenue toward Oakland, keeping Friday's demonstrations non-confrontational.

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