Berkeley High School girls fight back against sexual harassment

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- High school students in the East Bay are demanding more information about sexual harassment and better policies from the school district.

This follows the shaming girls on the Berkeley High School campus through social media.

Berkeley High School freshman Emily Levenson said she's heard and seen enough.

"On a day to day basis, there's cat calling in the hallways and streets," Levenson said. "Sometimes people get groped and don't know what to do about it."

Levenson is disgusted with the sexual harassment that she's witnessed on campus, so she and fellow students are fighting back to stop it.

They've launched a campaign and are passing out buttons with hashtag, bhsstopharrassing, and T-shirts with the message: Stop blaming my body for your harassment.

Students say school policies on harassment need to be improved.

"We have no courses about sexual harassment, it's never been in any lessons,"

The movement started after some boys on campus created so-called 'slut accounts' on Instagram, mocking girls' bodies.

"Which was about posting pics of girls, slut-shaming them and saying things about them," said Jack Pertchuck.

Some students say with sexual harassment being such an issue on college campuses, information is needed.

"Considering we're the next crop of kids moving to these colleges. Issues come up where alcohol is involved," student Sylvie Welk said.

Berkeley High School students hope the new awareness is enough to bring change and send the message that harassment isn't cool.
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