Pro-Trump, anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Arguments heated up in Berkeley as demonstrators on both sides of the debate over President Donald Trump's policies clashed Saturday afternoon.

People participating in the "March 4 Trump" demonstration to show support for President Trump were met by members of the group "By Any Means Necessary," and other protesters, which had planned a counter-demonstration.

PHOTOS: Both sides of Trump debate clash

Berkeley police officers were keeping a close eye on the demonstrations, but video shared on Twitter showed shouting matches erupting and getting physical between the two groups.

Protesters threw smoke bombs into the crowd.

Police eventually moved in to make arrests around 3:15 p.m. Video showed officers on motorcycles chasing down a female protester before she was arrested.

A group of the anti-Trump protesters moved onto the street to block traffic on Martin Luther King Way at Addison Street. Pepper spray and fists were flying in the crowd.

BART trains were temporarily not stopping at the Downtown Berkeley Station due to the police activity.

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