Two teen vandals arrested for allegedly etching glass of 29 Berkeley businesses

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Two East Bay vandals are in a lot of trouble after a graffiti spree in Berkeley overnight, but they didn't use spray paint. Instead, they used something a lot more permanent.

The vandalism comes at the worst possible time for small businesses owners with the holidays now all but here.

Cops say two teenage vandals were busy overnight, caught on surveillance video leaving their mark on 29 businesses along Berkeley's Solano Avenue.

The damage is not amusing to restaurant owner Dave Torrez. His security camera caught the two in the act.

"It's an added expense. It's an eyesore," Torrez said. "There's a lot of stuff going on today. We don't need vandalism on Solano Ave. to scare people away."

Police say the vandals used a glass etching tool to engrave window after window block after block with obscenities, and the name "Felipe"

"I'd love to know what Felipe means," Torrez said.

Police say, probably no gang tie, but likely a pen name for the two vandals.

"It's just senseless," said Chocolate store owner Malena Lopez-Maggi. "Great way to ring in the holidays."

Lopez-Maggi never expected she'd be forced to replace her front window on Thanksgiving.

"It's going to be a lot. For a small business we don't have the budget for things like this," Lopez-Maggi said.

Police caught the young vandals after a witness called 911. The two were released to their parents, but now face felony vandalism charges. The motive is still unknown.
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