Bill Clinton holds rally in Antioch to drum up support for Hillary Clinton

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Former President Bill Clinton made a stop in Oakland Monday, one of five Bay Area stops ahead of Tuesday's California primary to support his wife's candidacy.

He also made a stop at Marsh Elementary School in Antioch where eager crowds greeted the former president.

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At least 400 people gathered to hear Clinton speak.

"I believe that she will win. I believe that she will win," Hillary Clinton supporters chanted.

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The Clinton rally was billed as a block party and a long line wound around the block. "The choices were to go to Six Flags or come to this, I mean, it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a previous president, I mean you'll never get another opportunity again," student Daniel Holmberg said.

The podium was a Ford flatbed pick-up truck. "The security is in bridges not walls and California is basically a litmus test for all that," Bill said.

Bill started out the day in Hayward where a puppeteer showed off the candidates he created.

Democrat and Republican -- not everyone at these Clinton appearances knows if they are voting for Clinton yet.

"I'm having a problem and have to have a pillow talk tonight to decide what I'm going to do tomorrow," Fanny Italia said.

These multiple campaign stops across the Bay Area are aimed at getting those undecided voters to the polls Tuesday.

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