Hard of hearing football player from Baytown defies the odds

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Friday, December 13, 2019
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From early in his childhood, Haynes has been fighting to overcome the odds.

Billy Haynes, 17, has been hard of hearing since he was born. But growing up, he watched football and had no doubt that one day, he'd play the game.

"Just because we can't hear, doesn't mean we can't do anything if we set our minds to it," said Billy.

With the help of an interpreter at his practices and games, Billy is co-Captain of his high school varsity football team and an inspiration to others both on and off the field.

Billy says he feels like he's surrounded by people who want him to succeed, and says that's how he can handle whatever is thrown his way.

"They don't treat me any different," said Billy. "They treat me like I'm one of their brothers, their family members, just (a) teammate."