Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day: Here are 7 reasons why black cats rule

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! Here are seven reasons why black cats rule:

1. Black cats look sleek and sophisticated.
2. They match any décor.
3. Holding a black cat is very slimming!
4. Black cats are great at hiding in the dark.
5. A lint brush isn't required for a black-tie affair.
6. Black cats are easy to name.
7. Some house panthers are even famous, like @sophie_themodel and @coleandmarmalade.

Unfortunately, black cats are less likely to be adopted but they have so much love to share. So visit your local shelter and adopt a black cat!

Here's a look at a few available around the Bay Area. We've included their name and ID number so you can look them up:

San Francisco Animal Care and Control

  • ALFIE_A419279

  • AMELIE_A419148

  • ARTHUR_A419497

  • DORA_A418445

  • JOJO_A419278

  • KELSEY_A419277

  • MUNCHKIN_A417850

  • PETUNIA_A417621

  • PORTER_A418993

  • PUPPET_A417280

  • ROCKY_A418444

  • RUBY RAVEN_A416789

  • TURTLE_A419973

  • TWEETIE_A418251

San Francisco SPCA


  • HARMONY_38749533

  • HEDWIG_38749537

  • JAKE_39346247

  • SLINKY_39359763

  • TAD_39285627

  • WAKANDA_39295848

Marin Humane Society

  • POE_234850

  • JUJUBE_234871

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